The spa at Villa La Coste offers an aligned journey of the senses which embraces colours, scents, oils, clays and salts drawn from the earth and reflective of Provence.

Our signature range of organic products embraces an abundance of local ingredients, including jasmine, lavender and rose blossoms ripened in the French sun, olive and apricot butters, and warm medicinal muds. These precious remedies are used in a series of especially designed treatments. All aim to provide true physical and emotional release. They aim to prompt a reaction, unlock, stimulate, clear and inspire.

Pick from our menu of healing therapies – including salt scrub exfoliations, mud massages, layered ritualistic massages, facials and more. If you are undecided please talk to our expert therapists who only have your best interests at heart.

Rediscover a peaceful state of mind. Rest a while. Find stillness. Breathe. Be.

Spa Facilities:

  • Individual treatment rooms complete with private changing
  • Double treatment room with an outdoor private garden
  • Yoga and movement studio
  • Fitness suite
  • Spa relaxation lounge
  • Spa Boutique




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